Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reunion.......the meaning behind the name.

Just the other day someone asked me "why/how" we named the Birth Center "Reunion".  I really enjoy telling the story so I thought I would share it with all of you.  Janet and I met at Northeast Hospital while working as Labor and Delivery nurses MANY years ago.  We became good friend and also shared the desire to become Midwives. So for 2 years we drove down to Galveston to school together and completed the Midwifery program at UTMB.  After school our lives started to take different paths and soon we saw little of each other. If fact..... we actually lost touch for a couple of years.  Then about 6 years ago we met up again....in the dairy section of HEB (no kidding).....and "reunited".   It was after this "reunion" that we began planning to bring a birth center to the Kingwood area. We wanted to "reunite' women and families to a more natural, personalized, hands on birth experience. We wanted to "reunite" women with their natural ability and wisdom to birth their own babies without medical intervention. We wanted to "bring together" women who respect the natural birth process and give them a place that they could achieve their goal without fear or ridicule. Thus the name "REUNION" was born! Polly

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