Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Natural Birth.....spelled out clearly.....

N- got that covered......(see previous post)

A is for....... Autonomy.....

T is for....... Total focus is on you

U is for....... It's all about "you"

R is for....... Realizing your inner strength

A is for....... Achieving your desires

L is for....... Letting go.....


Monday, December 28, 2009

NATURAL BIRTH- Let's spell it out-clearly

N = "no" body but me can push my baby out, "no" way am I not gonna be in charge of my body, my birth, "no" thank you, I would really not like an episiotomy, "no" please don't take my baby away from me, "no" I would rather not be drugged on narcotics- could you help me through these contractions, please?, "no" I would rather have a midwife, please, "no" really I mean really a midwife please, "no" to nothing to drink in labor, gosh but I am so thirsty, please a drink of cool water please, "no" I really would rather not have so many hospital personnel in my room, discussing last nights happenings, please honor what I am doing right birth...please, "no"I would really like to wait for my body and my baby to begin the labor process as long as all is okay, "no" to Pitocin, unless it's really baby thanks you......., "no" to anything but respect and love and gentle caring for me, please.......

Some things that should go with natural, loving birth.........tomorrow "A".....Janet

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What Natural Birth Isn't.................

The term 'natural birth' seems to conjure up some pretty horrific pictures in the mind of many a woman who hear the suggestion to consider it for themselves. I think for some, their view of natural birth is the picture they have of themselves or their friend, under the influence of Pitocin induction of labor, strapped to the fetal monitor, stuck flat on her back in bed and left there by the Labor nurse.....writhing in pain, scared to death, miserable. Just waiting to dilate enough to get saved by the Epidural....Which is also what the Labor nurse is waiting for too. She wants you to have that dang epidural.. Makes her job easier because she has other patients out there, and it sure makes life easier when she can "nurse" you from the Nurses Station.

I am not saying that all Labor nurses are "bad" or whatever, it's just that in today's maternity world, there are way too many mommas and not enough nurses. So they can't stay in the room with you...can't treat you like you need and should be treated when you are traveling through this most amazing journey. Not their fault, they are just a product of the times.

Recently I was at our transfer hospital inducing a mom who needed to birth early at the hospital. (Thank goodness we have privileges there and can deliver our moms there when the need arises- our practice is blessed to have that option)You could hear moans and "crying out" sounds coming from one of the labor rooms. The nurses were commenting on the sound...."She wants to go "natural" with smirks all around ( as if that's a crime or a major inconvenience to them)........I asked them "Who is with her?" "Her husband," they said. I said "makes me want to go in there and help her". Really. It did. My heart ached for her.....knowing I had a skill, a god-given desire to assist, a need if you will, to help her. Her being any birthing woman.....because no woman should go through birth alone- her husband is there for support and love, but it really is his labor process too. He most likely feels (1)frightened for her, (2) inadequate in his capability to really help her (3) he just wants to have her pain go It's hard for dad's to see their woman hurting, scared, etc.

I knew I had something I could have offerred her. The midwife's skill, heart, hands, love of birth. And yet, I couldn't help. Wasn't my momma. I believe that the heart of the midwife, the skill, the caring, the truly empowering care has been for many a well-kept secret.

Well, I'm here to let that cat out of the bag...........For now, Janet