Monday, December 28, 2009

NATURAL BIRTH- Let's spell it out-clearly

N = "no" body but me can push my baby out, "no" way am I not gonna be in charge of my body, my birth, "no" thank you, I would really not like an episiotomy, "no" please don't take my baby away from me, "no" I would rather not be drugged on narcotics- could you help me through these contractions, please?, "no" I would rather have a midwife, please, "no" really I mean really a midwife please, "no" to nothing to drink in labor, gosh but I am so thirsty, please a drink of cool water please, "no" I really would rather not have so many hospital personnel in my room, discussing last nights happenings, please honor what I am doing right birth...please, "no"I would really like to wait for my body and my baby to begin the labor process as long as all is okay, "no" to Pitocin, unless it's really baby thanks you......., "no" to anything but respect and love and gentle caring for me, please.......

Some things that should go with natural, loving birth.........tomorrow "A".....Janet

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