Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Birth Room .....of sorts

I was out shooting some photos playing with my husbands camera and I came upon this birds nest in an old bird feeder on my fence......and I thought " a birth room" of sorts!
Like all birthing "moms" even birds understand the inherent need for quiet, privacy and safety.
Nestled in the dark safe place of her nest, she feels courage to go about her task. Most likely, she labors in the evening hours when the day is winding down and things that she may fear are quiet and still.
For now.....Janet

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We are entering our third year here at REUNION! We have been blessed with so many wonderful moms, dads and BABIES. I remember each and every labor and hope that all our moms know that I am in awe of thier strength, power, love and courage. REUNION moms ROCK! Janet and I love to reflect on all our labors and births.................some short, some loooooong (you know who you are :), the music that was played, verbal and nonverbal exchanges between mom and dad (some we can't publish!!!), the look of sheer joy when the little one arrives....WOW! All GREAT memories!!! And many, many more to come.....Polly

Friday, September 18, 2009


How relaxed and wonderful do you think this little guy is, just moments after his momma pushed him out into the world? Floating in warm water being supported by his momma and midwife. GENTLE, SAFE, LOVING.........
Doesn't this look so much more peaceful than what most moms experience in the majority of our cities hospitals? So many strangers rubbing them and sticking a bulb syringe in their mouth and nose ........did God really intend for it to be THAT way? I think not.
I believe birth was meant to be honored and revered....birthing women RESPECTED for their strength and loveliness.
Birth......you don't get to rewind the footage and start over, you don't get a second chance for a better experience....please women-research your options...know what is best for you-only you know that-gather information-think about what is important to you and your partner. Do you want to be the ones who care for that baby from the moment it arrives, all shiny and new- smelling so sweet and looking so innocent? We know babies don't come with an instruction booklet....but I am here to tell you that when babies are perfectly healthy coming from a perfectly healthy momma, having a perfectly healthy labor and birth, you don't need anything but the innate love and protectiveness you posess the instant your baby emerges from your body. You know how to care for this being......trust your body and trust yourself. End of story. For now......Janet

Monday, September 7, 2009

Laboring........on Labor Day.

On this day, we celebrate "laborers" who work diligently to produce a product, provide a service to help make the world a better place.

One of the most "awesome" laborer is the laboring mother.......she needs no tools, punches no clock, takes no breaks, has no boss. Her body, mind and spirit work together to produce one of the most precious commodities.......her baby.

Today at Reunion we have a first-time mom, doing the job of birth. We watch as she goes about her task with ease and grace. We offer words of encouragement, guidance, suggestions. She is a fearless, tireless, hardworker. She is here to complete a job God has assigned her.

We wait, we anticipate...............we'll write an update.

For now.....Janet & Polly

Thursday, September 3, 2009

BIRTH. the play.....

BIRTH is a play by Karen Brody. It is the true stories of eight powerful women giving birth today. It is amazingly wonderful! You will cry, laugh and be inspired! All women, regardless of age or how they became mothers should see this play. Please see the link for BOLD website. This play is done throughout the world in many different cultures during Labor Day......(get it "labor" day---------BIRTH on Labor day!)

This play will be shown in Houston at the Barnevelder Movement/Art Complex at 2201 Preston Street ( near Minute Maid ) on September 11, 12th and 13th. You can go to http://www.houbirth.org/ for more info or call us! 281-359-2229.

I have seen this play twice and I cannot wait to see it again! Grab a friend and come have a great time! For now......Janet