Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We are entering our third year here at REUNION! We have been blessed with so many wonderful moms, dads and BABIES. I remember each and every labor and hope that all our moms know that I am in awe of thier strength, power, love and courage. REUNION moms ROCK! Janet and I love to reflect on all our labors and births.................some short, some loooooong (you know who you are :), the music that was played, verbal and nonverbal exchanges between mom and dad (some we can't publish!!!), the look of sheer joy when the little one arrives....WOW! All GREAT memories!!! And many, many more to come.....Polly

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  1. We ROCK!!!!! We will have an amazing year.......our best ever I can feel. All the hard work and sacrifice with be so worth it...we will have the most amazing birth center in Houston.....we will touch lives in ways we have yet to see. I love you, your partner in this crazy ride....J