Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Labor ....

Some labors are just really nice and calm and wonderful.....and some women just really luck out and are so blessed....It doesn't happen for all women. But I sure wish it did. Our momma today had such a wonderfully peaceful early and active labor that it was hard to believe she was actually laboring. Went out to get sandwichs with her husband at 6cm.....and brought them back to the birth center to eat...( however she didn't feel like eating much when she got back), but she did sit with us at the table while we all talked about birth and her husband finished his lunch. I just kept saying "This is amazing and wonderful.....can't hardly tell you are laboring today"
First baby too, ladies! She did amazing and pushed out a beautiful pink 8 lb baby girl about 4 and one half hours after her "lunch". Sure the end was tough, as it is for all. But what a nice day of easy laboring.......I really wish that for all women. How wonderful that would be.
For now....Janet

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