Saturday, May 7, 2011

A mother is a mother is a mother........

Almost 17 years ago, I had the best day of my life. I brought my sweet, joyful, precious, loving baby girl home. No, I did not deliver her from my womb, grow her tiny sweet being under my heart or get to "know" her tiny sweet movements and track her growth just by seeing the swelling of my belly each day.
I am a mother through the grace of God and the loving gesture of one true daughter's birth mom. She's my ultimate hero, the most courageous of women, ever. You see, she did something not too many of us would have the courage or the faith to do. And, at such a young age of 17 respect, my love , my honor is hers now and always.
I know she loved this child she nutured with her body. And her heart. That love shows in my daughter every day I look at her. She is one of the most grounded girls I have ever seen.....and that's not just me talking as a mom!
There is something so special about her. And how great life is for me that I get to raise her and love her and cherish her and know her.
I do have a birth story to tell.....all moms, no matter how we became a mom have a story to tell. We may not be able to talk about labor pains or "pressure" or water breaking or breasts swelling ........but we do experience pain, joy, tears, unpredictable times and pride.
So for you preggos out there.....please always remember this: Yes, you have a plan for your "birth day"....and hopefully all goes as planned. But, if we reach a snag and have to change our's ok. No matter how you get your baby here safely in your arms....the real test, the true mettle of a mother is all that comes after that time. That is your true joy.........For now...Janet

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  1. Janet, what a beautiful, touching post. I am all choked up and deeply moved by your words. I promise to always remember your words about all mothers having a story to tell, and also that if the birth plan changes that is not The Most Important part of mothering. I think we've got that one mastered after last time!