Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What makes a woman fear birth?

What makes a woman fear birth? And does that fear and resulting anxiety play any part in hendering her in attaining a vaginal birth? Especially a vaginal birth that is "natural". By that I mean truly her own body's power........and it takes alot of that to complete the birth of her babe.

I asked this after reading an article about a birthing center in Pennsylvania that serves primarily Amish women. These women have virtually no access to the internet or TV. However, they have an over 95% success rate in completing their vaginal births at the birth center. In many aspects I believe that is a good thing when it comes to anticipating the birth of your baby. All too often women will find things written on the net that may not necessarily ring true when considering the variable nature of pregnancy, end of pregnancy, labor and the birth process. Sometimes I believe these things can lead to further anxiety and less trust of her own body and baby to do this task.

If a woman has a caring, truthful, competent provider who she has entrusted to guide her through this process....that should be all she needs. Trust her. Believe her. Know that she has your best interest at stake. Always. Women, we know that God gave us a great wonderful gift in our "intuition" or gut feeling.........if something ever does not ring true in your gut.....especially with your care provider, that is the time to research. Ask yourself. Trust yourself. Not necessarily the best time to listen to all the birth stories ( sometimes horrific...) that are out know what your body needs if you just listen... I am trying to convey something that may not be quite clear.....having a hard time getting this message out....hope you can hear what I am saying.....For now...Janet

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