Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birth care givers mean allot to women....and vice versa.

I was talking with someone today who wants to be a patient of ours and I was making a comment about how some of our families drive long distances to come to us.  For, example the mom we just birthed recently who drove all the WAY f rom Katy......I mean far!  And it was her sixth baby.......but we came highly recommended ( thank you to her previous midwife.....:) 

This soon to be patient of ours said......."Well, when you find someone and someplace where you feel cared for and are truly comfortable, you will do whatever it takes to get there....."

Wow, Polly and I are so lucky to be in the presence of such wonderful moms and moms to be........makes us proud to be midwives.  Sometimes ours is a job that is hard. Stressful and time consuming. But, we always remember that we are really in a profession that has the honor of witnessing unbelievable things. Strength, courage, love, determination, perseverance, grit and humor. We get to see all that! Oh, and a baby too!   For now.....Janet

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