Saturday, June 18, 2011

Water for your health.......and for labor of course!


Water is so important for all our mommies this time of is vital to stay well hydrated. Juat like a runner who is training for a marathon, so is the mom TRAINING for her birth.  No matter how you are doing it.  You can't get hydrated the night before.  At the birth center, we need you well hydrated so that your uterus will work efficiently. It's part of the fuel that ignites the power of the beautiful rushes that will bring your baby out and into your awaiting arms.
If you are a healthy woman, having a healthy pregnancy, you should be drinking at LEAST 10 big glasses of water each and every day.  Now, of course if you are in your first trimester and you are not feeling so know what I am talking is vital that you keep down only what you can.
Put away the carbonated beverages....(except for maybe one during the day when you really CRAVE it) and pick up the water!!

Here are some tips for making the water taste need to buy expensive bottled water ( no matter how "smart" they call it.  Houston tap water is probably better than most of the "natural" water you spend  tons for.  Just research it if you don't believe me.

1. Put some fresh squeesed juice in like:  lime, lemon, orange.
2. Lots of ice......
3. Put in a pretty container! 
4. Cucumber is good some people say!
5. Drink up!
6. Get your family to get in the habit of being water, healthy, good for you and your  kidneys will love you!
7. In Houston heat and humidity, you must be well hydrated or you will not feel much energy or life! (hint-wilted flowers!)

For now....Janet

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