Thursday, July 9, 2009

we had another wonderful birth early Wednesday morning..........a beautiful baby boy! 7#120z.....mama did amazing job.

We are always so blessed when we can help moms achieve the birth they desire. Especially when their past birth experience was either traumatic or just plain lousy......:( We always work hard to assure a "better birth" at Reunion, but when we are armed with the knowledge that a mom had a bad experience in the past, we really feel the need to help her experience be one that will make us all feel good....

I am always amazed at the strength and calm of women. Kind of sounds like those two words wouldnt work so well together....sometimes we think "STRENGTH" is hard, loud, intrusive, overbearing, etc. But birthing women, especially those whose strength is encouraged to shine, have such a beautiful inner strength which flows from them and blankets all who are around. Their strength encourages my strength. Energy abounds in that birthing room. Between the rush of contractions moms can become so calm and serene...and absolutely stunningly beautiful. Polly and I are always commenting to each other and of course to our moms how beautiful they look. It must have something to do with the power and energy and love and ...can't forget those "love hormones" Dr. Odent speaks about that are free to flow during the natural birth process!

It must be something like falling in love....ya know ladies how radiant we look and feel. How everything in the universe is so "right". It must be similar when your body and mind iare locked into the job of know something great is about to happen...the anticipation, the excitement and the LOVE. Powerful, fearless love. What a gift we have been given in the body of our child.

I would wish for all women that they could experience this "birth". Also, to expereince the reverance and the respect for what they are doing....sometimes women are robbed us this and their "love hormones" take the toll.

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