Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Waiting.......

The Waiting can be unbearable for some mommies to be.......particularly in our times of inductions of labor on due dates or before. Most women don't have a real reference point to relate to because all their friends are done before this time.....many begin to think that "something is wrong with them" "Due date" should actually be a "due range" with the emphasis on a "end of pregnancy time", not just one particular day.....we get so wrapped up in that that when moms go beyond it seems to be so discouraging....even tho' we speak to them about going beyond and that most moms, especially first-timers, go past this date.

If we can get moms to change the angle from which they are viewing this time and see it differently....not only will their dissapointment lessen, they will be so surprised the day the baby comes.......!
Maybe this part of the big plan....I mean God has created so many wonderful and perfectly perfect things that maybe his intention of the "tension" of waiting for baby day is to instill in moms the deep desire and need to meet this babe and give love that the pain and power of birth is tempered some. Does that make sense? (The hardest part about blogging is to have an idea in your heart and head, but putting in clearly for all to read....):)
I initially placed this beautiful sunset pic on this blog because I was practicing adding an image and on my new laptop it is a stock pic and all I have so far. But, when I started thinking about it I thought, ya know, we have to wait in anticipation of all great things in life. Our first love,
growing up, Christmas, summer vacation, from a bud to a rose, the cookies to bake, spectacular sunsets. And we wait for that beautiful delicious baby to come.......
So, mommies, this time of waiting is the time to take good care of yourself, unselfishly.
1. Soak your feet,
2. Eat a bowl of ice cream ( really, it's okay :),
3. Watch great movies,
4. Put your (probably swollen) feet up,
5. Try a new, delicious/easy recipe preferably with cheese or chocolate in it...
6. Put some great music on (UP LOUD) and rejoice,
7. Sip tea,
8. Take your dog for a walk,
9. If your neighbors might object to the loud music, put your Ipod on,
10. Massage your dog, or cat (it will lower your blood pressure...),
11. Sleep, nap,
12. Soak in the tub,
13. Float in the will feel weightless.....
14. Dance ( with the music up LOUD),

An know you are not alone, somewhere on this earth there is another woman, surely, who is waiting......
For now, Janet

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