Friday, July 31, 2009

Newest REUNION boy......aahhhhh

We are very proud to announce the newest Reunion baby boy! And thanks to JeniHendricksPhotography we had some very wonderful early moments of his life with his mommy and daddy caught on film.

I would wish for all families to have someone there to capture these precious moments.....they touch your heart like no other thing. The photo of the dad hands cradling his newborn if to say I will protect you, can count on me. I got it all under control. Wow.

I don't even remember when the dad did that, but our great photographer captured it. Beautiful....irreplaceable......priceless. LOVE.

For now, Janet


  1. this little one is the reason I decided to join Reunion. His father is my co-worker and raved about the center! I am thrilled to have found you guys!!!

  2. I am glad I played a part in helping you find the wonderful women at Reunion...I can't imagine you being in better hands. :) ...Sean