Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Joy and Triumph!..........

I "stole" this photo from the internet...not one of our moms...but she could be and her smile and joy represents the sheer empowerment and feelings of pushing your baby out all under your body's own power and beauty........

What is so amazing about pushing your baby out at a birth center or home is the wonderful way you feel so shortly after giving birth. You are energized, joyful, relieved ( your work of labor is done), hungry, proud, tired all at once and life is good!

I wish more women would take the time to really explore all their options. I wish that the thought that crosses peoples minds when they think of "natural birth" would not be the short time that women had to labor in the bed at the hospital before they received their epidural.......

Beautiful, wonderful women.....that is not "natural birth". Yes, birth is painful. Yes, birth is scary. Yes, birth is the hardest, most challenging event in a woman's glorious life.

But, believe me when I say...."natural birth" in the right environment, surrounded by your most treasured loved ones, guided by someone whose passion and committment not only to birthing women but to your safety and security is above reproach can be the most amazing, empowering, life-changing, fun, tender, miraculous time. The pain of labor is tempered by your body's amazing hormones that are designed to calm you, make your uterine muscle work like a well-oiled machine that, together with your baby performs a beautiful "dance" with slow twists and turns and ends in the finale, you and you alone finishing the job by pusing your baby out into the world and smack-dab into your arms!

It's so is what women had been doing for years and years many years ago. Your'e born to birth....God designed this like nothing else. When your body is allowed to take control and do what it instinctively knows how to do, it's like magic! I have witnessed so many completely amazing births and women! What a blessing it is to be there, sometimes silently standing by while the woman and her man work together....loving this baby out.
That will be in another topic soon, how dads are marginalized in the hospitalized room, religated to standing at the head of the bed.....usually feeling helpless and vunerable.)

Birth, it's natural.........For now, Janet

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