Sunday, August 2, 2009

Help, just when you need it.....

Have you ever had things happen that seem so perfect and really needed at the time? This week was an exceptionally hard week for Polly and I .....we love what we do but the trials of owning your own "new" business are really stressful and there are many times when I think, wow, Janet, how old will you be by the time the business is "successful"-translation- when we relax a bit and know the families are coming and we don't have to worry about it so.

Well, on Wed. am, we got an interesting proposal which may help the business this next year and behold, at lunchtime, a colleague and fellow birth center owner just happened to stop by.....exactly what we needed! She grabbed a chair and part of our lunch and proceeded to bring light to our rather dark week!

First, this person, I'll call her Kathy, was a true breath of fresh air and perspective! Tell it like it is, Kathy! It was good for me to see that a smart, funny, hardworking woman at 63 can keep the fire in the belly and keep helping women push their babies out! (I am only,....I've got some great years ahead of me!) Plus it so was nice to witness her great attitude....

You know, it's just like pregnancy and preparing for your birth....most midwives have an emotionally, as well as physically, demanding job ( ever bent over our tub...? Yikes, my back!) We must be good to ourselves and make sure we work on our stamina and our emotional health...cause we can't help you if we don't help ourselves first.

I love flowers, they make me happy....I took these flower shots many years ago when I was chilling at a beautiful hotel in Arizona.....I added a shot of the hotel too....Someday I will go back....they had the best restaurant......yummy delicious food and wine.
For now, Janet

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