Friday, August 28, 2009

Mama Lions........

Today I was reminded that we women all have a "Mama Lion" in us. And "she" emerges as our precious little babe is first placed in our arms. Instinctively, we become the protector....and Daddy the Great Protector.....the strong "Papa Lion".
God has blessed us with our child and also, along with that blessing comes the ever-present responsibility of being the guardian, the watcher-over, the "Mama Lion". As our birthing mom said today, "As soon as my first little baby was placed in my arms, I remember thinking.....I could kill with my bare hands to protect her......". And we would. Or die trying.
Love, it's a great thing. Enormous Mama Love. Mama Lions proclaim! "This is my child, I will protect what God has so graciously given me....." For now.......Janet

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