Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cesarean Sections......

This week we have had some trying times.......and have had two necessary c-sections. Really. With all the hype about the high rate of c-sections in our country, I must say that when you have a mom (or two) who really need to have that intervention to allow for the birth (safely, I might add) of their baby, you become grateful for a skilled surgeon, and a great anesthesiologist!

We were waiting for both of these first time moms to go into labor! Day after day, we all waited... we knew that there would be "the day" when either we would have to start the process or the baby would start the process. But it seemed for these moms endless waiting was in their future! We kept a close eye <;> on these babes and waited. they both were about 42 weeks.....yikes and no closer to birthing than when they were 38wks! Well, eventually both moms went into labor, ( one with a little help from us...) and neither were destined to birth from "below".

Our first mom labored so well at the birth center....she swayed, rocked her hips, breathed and did a great job....her baby just would not "come down" well enough to push hard on that cervix to dilate it fully. And she got tired.....it's hard work that labor business. So off we went to Kingwood hospital for some needed pain relief and to try alittle more power with Pitocin....we were really

committed to helping her get a vaginal birth. But after many hours it was evident that this little babe was not positioned right, she persisted and stayed "OP" and off to the OR mom went. Her prise came in the gift of a 7# 15 oz baby girl! Mom and baby are great and mom said to me "I would do it 10 times over to have this precious girl!" No bad outcome in my book.

Our other mom tried her best too, needed the power of pitocin to accomplish bringing down her baby and laboring that cervix open. However, after over 3 hours of hard pushing.....no baby, no descent, no birth. One thing I will never do is "force" a baby out that is trying to tell us "No can do"... you might get the head out, but where's the rest of the body....Shoulder dystocia is not a thing to laugh at.......Well, off to the OR we went and out came a strapping healthy screaming bulldog of a baby boy! 9#10 oz !!!! Mom and baby are doing well!!

So, yes sometimes c-sections are necessary, and they are not the evil worse thing in the world. I always say that as a midwife you have to "listen to your baby". They may not speak words that we can hear, but from their comfy, warm little space inside your belly they do and can communicate. You just have to be open to listening.....

So, for Polly and I this was our week of c-sections. But one thing we experienced, was the way the system worked for us all. Having privileges at the hospital helped everyone. We could be in "charge" of our moms and the transition from the birth center to the Labor unit was smooth and easy, with a bed waiting for our moms. And we get to see that we are not "in charge". sometimes fate and a higher plan is in order. We just have to try our very best, stay focused and maintain the highest of clinincal standards and always, I mean always keep our eyes on the "True North"........safety above all else and healthy mom, healthy baby, and beyond that there are no "Bad Outcomes". When mom is holding her precious little one, then we know we have done well and our job is done.

For now......Janet


  1. The best outcome is a Healthy Baby -- Amen to that!! Love y'all!

  2. Congratulations to the new moms! Polly and Janet-I know all of the Reunion moms trust your judgment calls. Good work!