Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Praying for rain is like praying for labor to start.......when will we get that beautiful sound of raindrops? Polly and I were sitting here in the birth center, just finished a tour and we actually heard THUNDER! We were like, music to our ears! But, alas, we sit...dry, hot...waiting.

We had a meeting today with a mom who really wanted to birth here when we were in the"building" stages....she nad her baby at Nativiti, and now is "preggo" again and is so excited to come to us! It is neat that just two years later, we all meet again and we can fulfill her desire!

We have three mommies due the month of July and four in August...should be nice! We love all our moms and anticipate with wonder their upcoming labors...I really look forward to posting about our time at the birth center and also to give you all some insight about what Polly and I do....maybe you will laugh, cry or yawn in boredom!

I am having trouble adding photos to the text....they want to appear on the side of the blog...anyone out there might want to let me know the trick? For now, Janet

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  1. I can't express how satisfying it is for me to know the numbers of babies y'all are expecting! Don't know why, but it is. Can't wait to see how this blog unfolds... Thanks for being you!!