Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trust.....say no more.

We just recently experienced a wonderful birth with a mom having her 4th baby......a woman who I had the privilege of helping her birth her second baby when I had a hospital based practice. It is always nice to have a woman seek you out when she is pregnant again. Best compliment.....
Well, this labor, like alot of labors was unique for her and nice but different. During the process she said to me......"I really trust you guys." Wow..a great compliment. Really.

Also it speaks to what is oh so important in completing a totally natural birth. TRUST.

Your body.
Your mind.
Your spirit.
Your love of God, family , self.
Your instincts. ( yes you chose the right path for you.)
Your precious little baby. ( He/she knows just what to do to make his way into the world)
Your ability to do the job......just like God intended for you.
Your ability to endure as long as the process is unfolding like He intended.
Persevere, continue. Breathe. Love. Anticipate. Wait.

Trust the process. they always say. But it is so true. Like I have said before...your body, the best machinery. The ultimate design. You will be amazed at what you can do! Unbelievable strength, grace, power. Unbelievable. Don't sell yourself too short. Believe in yourself. TRUST in the power within....you know you have it. We believe in you. Believe. Please. You will not regret it. For now........Janet

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