Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Amazing births......how sweet they are...

Last Friday was a busy day here at the Birth Center.......we had the pleasure of witnessing two amazing births! I' ll blog first about the first birth...georgeous Emily made her way out at 4:24pm weighing 8 lbs 7 oz, after momma had a really calm, glorious labor. She kept saying..." I can't believe this...it is not bad. Everyone kept saying I wouldn't be able to do this...". Well, as she lay resting on the bed ( at 7 cm dilated, I might add) with Joanna massaging her feet with lavender oil and mom literally dozing between contractions looking so peaceful...I thought how wonderful her labor was and how she was getting exactly what she wanted from this birth....to be cared for, comforted, fully supported and guided through the process.

That, my friends, is what our practice is all about. This is what women and families deserve and desire. It is our goal. Our mission. Our work. For now...Janet

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