Thursday, August 19, 2010

All that .....and a cookie too!

I love this picture........for several reasons. This is one great birthing woman! Was always fun to see in the office for her prenatal care and a joy to labor. Isn't it cool, that smack dab in the middle of active labor, she would ask for a cookie! We had some at the birth center that evening and she looked up from the end of one of her contractions and stated..."I would love a cookie!" So, here she is, breathing through a contraction, in the tub, holding on to that cookie!

I don't have anything against ice chips ( you know ladies.....the delicious nibbles you get at the hospital) but sometimes a girl just craves a little sweetness! Even when she's working on helping out her own little "sweet one" into this world. For now....Janet


  1. I love it too! I often say, Birth is all about the food! Hmmmm what should we eat right now?!
    Life is a celebration, new life is a celebration, celebrations involve food :D