Monday, May 31, 2010

Natural birth...TOO HARD! Who says....?

Had a a great comment on my last post....Thanks ( you know who u r!) Again, a smart independent woman discusses with her OB the desire to birth her baby "naturally, pain med free." The response????

Well, he described it as "Too Hard". No one does least not in "his or her" practice.

Once again, another great woman sprinting out of an obstetrical office.......she found her way to a place that worked with her and she did exactly as she desired and knew she was capable of!

Well, I have seen the environment in many hospitals, and it is so unfortunate that it is difficult to accomplish a drug-free birth. Well, maybe if it is your 2nd or 3rd baby.....but your first takes so much guidance and love and support from women who are there totally for you! A great midwife or OB or OB nurse is someone who when they step into that birth environment is completely and utterly there for you and you only.......ego has to stay behind, way behind.

So, I guess in some cases that OB is is too hard when you are not supported and guided through the process. When you are made to believe that induction of your labor is right and the best thing for you and your baby when you hit your due date ( unless there is a true medical indication for it and sometimes there really is.......)

And, please believe me when I say that I know that all this I speak and preach about natural birth is only in the realm of the "machinery working the way it was planned". Sometimes it doesn't. When that happens there are not too many women who could get through rough, difficult " dysfunctional" labors. They are extremely hard...........and sometimes mommies need help. I always say there is the "pain of labor" and then there is suffering........never a need to suffer. Ever. Let's get help and move on to the birth of your baby, however the little one is supposed to be born. And you know what? It always seems to work out exactly how it was supposed to unfold. We just have to be flexible, listen well, feel our instincts down deep in our bellies and do the best we all can. For now.........Janet


  1. I totally agree. I'm all for healthy mamas and babies, regardless of whether or not things go according to plan. I do wish more mom's, and docs, would open their minds to alternative interventions though. Since having Dash, I've realized the sensations I felt during his birth were all things I had felt before, only intensified x 100. Isn't it amazing how God has prepared us for what normal birth feels like if we'll just pay attention. Thanks again for all you've done for my family. Going "au naturale" was my Everest.

  2. You're getting me all revved up and ready to do this again, Janet! When I'm ready for #2, you'll be seeing me and guiding me. A woman couldn't ask for better guides than you and Polly. Big hugs,sg

  3. And it is amazing what we can do with y'alls guidance and support!