Monday, May 3, 2010

Letting go down a different path.....

Sometimes letting go means giving up control over the course our body wants and sometimes needs to take.

Last night, instead of coaching a mom to "let go" and let her baby come down and out, I was speaking softly to our mom of how she had come to a point in her journey of pregnancy and birth where it would be best for her to "let go" of the idea of what she had planned for herself and her babe.....natural birth at the birth center. Her journey took a different that was doable. Just not as planned. Always remember, sometimes a cesarean section is the completely best thing for you, given certain circumstances.

This mom is a warrior, brave and committed to doing the best for herself and her babe. Sometimes life throws you a can be scary.....scary-scary. I am proud of you momma. What you had to go through and are still going through (recovery) is tough, but you have done it. You kept it together with the loving support of your ever faithful husband. My hat is off to you. You have a handsome tough little boy! He's gonna be fun and work!

So, please, mommas, know that sometimes birth is so much about letting go and getting on with it. The most important thing is mom and babe are healthy.....For now...Janet

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