Saturday, May 1, 2010

The "Mother Call"

This week I again had the honor of witnessing and guiding a young mom through her work of labor and birth......I cannot express the power and feelings present in the room when women are at their strongest and most glorious........incredible strength, beauty, tenacity wisdom and most of all love. A mother's love. Three simple words said so many times by so many people.
I have a great job.....a calling if you will. God has granted me this part of my life, however long it may be, to be witness of his perfect plan....can't say that enough.

Watching a woman work with her body and the design of it....easing through those hours of early labor which progresses ever so nicely into powerful active labor is always a wonderment. And when she gets just to that point of almost being done with her task....she starts the "mother call" . If she feels safe and undisturbed and in a perfect place she can "let go" and call her baby home. I must admit, when guiding women through that time I find myself brought to such emotion and respect and awe that I must fight back the tears for her......not feeling sorry, but feeling so incredibly honored to witness such a miracle! Yes, again I think! Just as He planned!

If you are not"privvy" to that may think "oh my horrible for her" The loud moaning, the deep gutteral "aaahhhhhhh". But no, she is calling her baby.....calling her down
and out and into her arms. Maybe God planned for all of us at that moment of our birth to hear that sound and go towards it....For we should not discourage it but behold it as our golden moment......Ever so spiritual, powerful, miraculous......birth as it should be.

I welcome, anyone who is afraid to give it a try.......scared, discouraged.....Let us help will be amazed by your courage and have only just begun to tap into!

As midwives our strength is the ability to know what you need at each step of the way. No lie, no bullshit.....hard core facts and guidedance. And LOVE. Our hands and hearts are our tools. The best drug in town, I guarrantee it! For now.....Janet


  1. Wow, amazing, thanks for posting!! With our baby's "birth day" soon approaching (11 days to EDD) I find myself filled with worry and wonder if I have the strength to do this. Reading this helps and knowing that we will be in good hands with you and Polly is a huge comfort. Thanks for what you do! Get ready for all of the May babies getting ready to enter the world :o)

  2. Ohhhh I LOVE LOVE this post!!!! So true, so amazing, so powerful and so NATURAL! I miss you Janet (& Polly). I'll be in soon for my yearly and probably soon with #3 on the way! Love you ladies!
    ~Jen Battjer