Saturday, December 10, 2011

Going PAST your "due date".........

Yes ladies.....IT can make ya a little CRAZY....can't it!  Especially when the majority of the friends you have or the co-workers or people you run into are all having their labors  INDUCED  before their "due date".

They can schedule their birth day...."Your due date is December 17th.....pick a day the week of December 12th!."     Easy, huh?  You can make sure your nails are done, have your last great date night, worry less, have an straightforward, easy answer for all the inquiring minds....

"when  you having that baby, girl? You look like you're gonna pop any minute! When's your induction?"

Now, if you are one of our kindly and maybe timidly say..."My midwives and I are allowing my baby and my body to go into labor when it is ready....." 

                 And they will look at you like you are plum crazy!

"Girl....time is ticking!!!  Your body doesn't know what to do!! This is the 21st century!Induction is the norm, girl. Your'e abnormal! You need to go get that baby! No body in their right mind goes to their due date!...just crazy, I say!"

 You know what we say....."forgive them....they know not what they do..."  They have all drunk the koolaid!.....
 You know you are armed with knowledge and the faith that God has designed you pretty perfectly.  He set into motion a beautiful design and when it is allowed to unfold as He has planned, it works so beautifully......and, especially for you FIRST-TIME moms, you are so decreasing your risk of MAJOR surgery....the unnecessary cesarean section that may be your fate if your birth day is over-planned and over managed.

And as always, we preface this with....we watch our mommas and our babies carefully at the end of their pregnancies to assure all is well and that we have the luxury of waiting for the birth day to unfold as it will. Yes, because sometimes babies need to come sooner that later. And there is an end least in our practice there is.  We want our babies out by 42 weeks......because we do know that placentas don't last forever....and risks go up and we are all about healthy moms and healthy babies.

So, mommas, know that we sympathize with you when you are a "momma in waiting...."
Know that you are doing the best for you and your babe and that when labor starts you just might be amazed at how your body can ROCK!

And remember, we got your back.

For now......Janet

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