Sunday, December 4, 2011

God as the Great Giver of Life and Ultimate Midwife

I can only imagine what thoughts were running through Mary as she began her birth journey that wondrous night...She was young, unknowing. She must have sensed the need to be somewhere safe, warm and sheltered so that she could go about her task.  She had only the love and support from her faithful Joseph. God, the giver of life, her ultimate midwife did not let her down. There at her side encouraging, perhaps whispering to her....."Mary, like Eve, my beautiful child, you are so completely designed for this. Fear Not. I have planned this for you."
I am here to say that ultimately, most women need no help in working with their bodies to bring their baby out. Just this week, we witnessed that wondrous truth. A first-time mom began her labor at home and quietly worked with her body, the design of the Ultimate Engineer, she arrived to us, ready to push her love out.  She exclaimed...I don't know what I am doing".  We replied "Yes, you know exactly what to do, because you have been designed to do it..." She said..."I need to kneel down on the floor"  She did.  Next thing, her baby was presenting his beautiful crown.  And then, he was out. Beautiful and singing sweet sounds of life.

Now, I am not advocating that women, in their time of labor and birth, be alone, unassisted.  I believe that women need a faithful, trusted and safe midwife to be there, whispering as the Ultimate Midwife did so long ago.....We are there to keep her safe, to guide her instincts when the pain is such that she needs that guidance.

And, just like in nature, God's design, sometimes doesn't "do right". We can't understand it sometimes, but we accept it.  Like when the rains don't come, or they flood too much.  The sun won't shine or the earth moves too much. It is not ours to question. It is ours to assist.  To help make right. This is where our education, our experience, our love and our passion prevail. This is the work of the midwife.  With God's guidance and passion we work, steadfastly.......prayers are said, answers come. We are not perfect, but we are guided by perfection. He calls us to listen. To be.

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow...." 

For now...Janet

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