Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's the little things.....

Sometimes it's the little things that mean allot to us....funny but true. Many women that come to us have certain "biggies" that they want or don't want to have done to them during their labor/birth day.  Such things as episiotomies, being stuck in a labor and delivery "bed", Pitocin, etc.  However, sometimes it is the little things that carry some weight as well.

I was watching ( yes, I admit....while eating my lunch) TLC and guess what came on?  A Baby Story.....well a mom was going in to have a repeat c-section....and the dad was out waiting for it to start and the two docs came up to him and he asked about being able to "cut the cord"?  He reallythought he was going to be able to do that this time because the surgery was planned and not a "emergent" situation as last time....well, those two docs looked at him as if he had lost him mind down the street somewhere.  They said "well, that's not possible because you are not sterile and it will be in the sterile field..." He asked several times....couldn't quite comprehend, why he couldnt do this really meaningful thing...He even said....."well, scrub me up!".........It was really sad to watch him deflate as he realized something that was so special to him become something that was not a possibility......"I really wanted to cut the cord......":(

I's another reason why all couples should research about csections and get to be informed about what it really means...not just in risk to mom and baby....but it decreasing your ability to share in really special "one chance" only moments.

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