Saturday, August 27, 2011

Greatness always comes with risk and challenge....

It seems I am always inspired at church as I listen to the pastor as he speaks from the bible. Recently his sermon was about Peter and his challenge from God.  One of the challenges  God posed to Peter went something like this..."If you want to walk on have to get out of the boat"

I was We could be talking about birth here.  If you want to accomplish the birth of you baby without drugs or unnecessary have to jump in. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and
TRUST.  You know what it feels like to "overthink" something....especially something challenging.  For me, I can think of how it feels to want to jump in the pool or the beautiful ocean and take sooo long to do it because I am afraid of the coldness of the water.  I agonize. I anticipate. I torture myself with my fear. Of what? How good it will feel when I am finally floating and relaxing?  How energized I will feel when I do get in?
I challenge our mommas to get out of that boat. Dive in. Climb up. Taste. Enjoy the challenge. Enjoy the reward of your ability.  You're striving for greatness. Oh yea,  and a baby too!

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